Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Item of the week

I know I know I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a craft of the week for months now. I am been so stressed about getting a job and my boyfriend is switching servers for his business which makes my life a but more stressful because I'm a damn empath. On top of that I had to switch computers for a while and I could not upload any pictures on the computer in the living room because It sucks ass. I finally have gotten my new laptop so that I don't have to worry about the computer in the living room exploding on me when I am trying to do something (yes it's that bad).

Now this craft of the week is dedicated to those pirate fans out there. Complete with skull and crossbones, hematite beads, snowflake obsidian and jet beads.

I had another picture but Blogspot is being a pain and giving me a 503 error so It's a little impossible the post it at this moment.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What has been on my mind lately?

Greetings readers

Well it has been weeks since my last post and I have to say I have been extremely busy. I was going to put one out about a couple of days ago but my boyfriend gave me his cold. The scary thing is that I could not breath very well. I had what was like asthma symptoms but it was the cold that was affecting my lungs. I am better now and all i have is a stuffy nose. I'm not miserable, it's just an annoyance in my function in this world. What matter is I am better and I am healthier. On the negative side is it's allergy season again and I can feel it. Allergies hot me like a sack of potatoes hitting me and I have a sight cough but that's nothing try not breathing through your right nostril last night. Again I say it I am better than I was two days ago
There are a few things that I want to cover first off Lance and I with the help with some of our friends are creating a zombie simulation. From my tweets and things you may be wondering what in the world I am editing. Well for those who are confused it's called Zombie Cataclysm (Zombie Apocalypse was taken!) It's a zombie simulation game. Now since there is a rise in the zombie lover's community, we have created a game where you can go out and try to survive in a zombie infested world. If you want to know further details you can e-mail me at to know the overview of the game. I can't go into much detail considering that we are still working out the kinks and fixing some spelling and grammar issues. I'm the editor so considering that Lance writes like he talks he needs some work when it comes to creating something that people can understand. This is a "game" than anyone can pickup and enjoy for the most part. The interesting part is the other day I did a prosperity/money/luck spell and the next yesterday a writer from Fangoria Magazine contacted Lance and told him he wants to write a story on the game. Now considering that Fangoria has a big fan base this game will do better than we expected…if the readers read the article. Yes, yes people this is a bit of promotion going on here.

I have a bit of a twitch going on here considering some news that is making me a bit pissed. It seems that there is a bit of controversy regarding a mosque being 3 blocks from ground zero. Now I am all for the freedom of religion and I accept that people have views on this and let me know I am all for our constitutional rights. Now some idiots are promoting that this mosque/community center is a ground for terrorist training camp. Some people even said that it's a victory agains america. Umm…people I am so against terrorism and the extremes of religion, but this doesn't mean that the whole religion is involved with terrorist attacks. It seems more likely that those who are involved withterrorism are more politically orientated than religious. Yes, the group that attacked us on 9/11 where practicing Muslims but people please just for once use some sense. One group who practice a certain sect of a religion does not mean that everyone who practices Islam is a terrorist or hates america. We have islamic groups here in america that love the freedom of practice their own way and yet we hate for the whole instead of the one.

Someone please beat some sense in to Glen Beck and his followers. Recently Glen Beck had is "Restoring Honor" Rally and he says he had over 300,000 followers there. First of all he had about 90,000 peoplethere and they are lunies. His "Restoring Honor" Rally, which by the way was on the anniversary of the Martin Luthor King Jr "I Have a Dream" Speech, no coincidence there -side stare into that a load of BS look-, quickly turned into a self promotion rally…yes he actually used this rally to promote his new book…a book which name I really don't care because it's Glen Beck who wrote it and it's a load of crap, like his three or four books that he has out now. How do you know you may ask. I saw them at a local book store…I nearly vomited when I saw them. In his TV career he has called President Obama a racist, fascist and a complete left wing nut. He called us fascists, and he made fun of Malea the President's daughter because she asked her father if he plugged the hole yet on his radio show after the disaster in the gulf involving a working oil rig. The same question that most of american are asking and he goes and makes fun a 10 year old. Yeah he's a great guy /sarcasm! As for the "Restoring Honor" Rally this guy doesn't have any honor at all so how the hell can you say you are going to have a rally for this if you don't have it yourself. Mr. Beck you are an ass-hole who needs to get off your high horse and stop being so damn stupid.

Someone please tell me who the hell would try to burn a holy text?

<--Oh wait it's this guy, a pastor of the name Terry Jones. Terry Jones who runs a congregation of only 50 members out of Florida, said that on September 11 the 9th anniversary on the attacks on american soil by Al Qaeda, they will hold a Qur'an burning. . . . . Really is he this stupid? Does he really want to tarnish america even more. I hope this man will burn in his
hell so that I won't have to see him ever again after this is done. Burning is holy text won't do anyone good even with our troops in the middle east, which by the way are starting to focus on coming home. When someone sees their holy book being burn by a small sect of christianity muslims will think that we are out to get them… Mr. Jones you are now on my shit list because of your arrogance and stupidity and I hope that some islamic group bombs your church and only your church…and possible the Westbro Baptist Church too.

Well that is my beef with the world I hope you understand what's going one and why I have been so damn busy.

Bright Blessings