Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years According to the National Calendar!

Greetings and Happy Gregorian New Year

Yes this is the last blog post of the old year. 2011 has been a bumpy road just like 2010, with less bumps though. 2010 I had a major breakup and it left me with very bad thoughts. Lets just say I was internally cursing him. In 2011 was less hell, I did however find a job for three months before being layed off because of an unbalanced drawer. Even though that happen I did work with a few awesome people and they really seem to know what the hell they were doing and have very interesting people come in the store. Like this one guy, I believe he said he is from the Bahamas. He would always come in the store and ask if I need a better job. I would always say yes and then he would "promise" me a job where he worked, which was at a construction company. However of course that never happen.

It has been a slow year, up until about three, four months ago when I started college again, I'm going for my Early Childhood Education degree. I'm attending Columbia Greene Community College, where this semester where I took two education course a history course and a sign language course which I did well in. It seems now I am starting to get my act together. I really don't think that when you get out of high school you are really ready for the real world. As we discussed in my Education 101 course it seems that today's teens haven't really been schooled in the necessary skills to survive in college, from writing skills to time management skills. I blame the required standardized tests that the teachers prepare us for rather then working on real social problems. Then again that's my opinion.

One thing I realized this year alone is that I really need to stop having 40 year old men try to flirt with me. Seriously! I don't know how many times I had these single lonely middle age men try to hit on me. No offense to my ex but I think I'm over men who are like 15 years older than me. Yes they are more experienced but still I think it's a little weird considering that I'm 26, who looks younger than she really is. Can someone please put a leash on the older men for me and what is left of my sanity, please?

No matter how I look at it It has been a year where I really haven't been doing much in the way of magical practice. I feel like I have been having some magical down time this year. It seems I have hit a brick wall and I really need to knock it down some more. It just seems that I have been out of touch with myself and my gods. I hope for next year though that I can get back into my practices and magical studies.

I hope that everyone had a better year that I did. I hope to be posting a bit more next year. I am so sorry about my long haituses.

Bright and Dark Blessings

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Has it been since September. I think so!


Yeah yeah yeah I know this has been an over due blog post. I swear I haven't been ignoring this blog, it's just a tad bit crazy in the land of the Town Witch. I started school just before my huge hiatus and it was just went to crazy town. Hey at lease I can say that I know enough sign language to get through a simple conversation. I will be starting my second semester around the beginning of January so don't expect me to try to blog much during that time. 3 months I know but I did put most of my energy into studying and trying to pass. Hey you know at lease I'm trying to get my degree.

Oh and I swear I think I attract 40 year old men because there was a guy in my Latin American History class that may have the hots for me and I really don't want to go down the road of strange 40+ year old men again. Sorry, Lance! However I totally nailed my History 127 final with and A and on top of that in the same class A+ on my Presentation on Mining in Chile and it's affects on the environment and globalization. SCORE!

Oh and in the time of all of this I found a new pagan social site called Go there and sign up every one there is really nice and very helpful. Unlike Paganspace, which was a nice site at first, but turned into a town for the insane over time. Look for me I try to update daily, screen name is Candace (duh).

I'll still be a kick in the pants type of gal in my blog posts.

Bright Blessings
Candace (Your still sane but a tad bit crazy witch)