Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Past life, Regular Dream or Time Travel?


This blog is brought to you by the letters W, the letter T and the letter F.

So the other night dreaming like some “normal” people do, until I encounter a dream where I was in 17th or early 18th century I think It was England, it could have been America but I am not to certain. It was more of a third person narration. Kind of like those old narrations that sound like an old person speaking. As it was speaking I see this little black girl and I think it was her mother in this wooded area, she was sitting on a log getting some sort of weird contraption put around her neck. I described it as curcular on the bottom and arch of wood fasen on both sides. If you seen blinders on a horse it's almost like that except it was wood. After I was put on this girl the lady walked into this wooden house and the girl followed, tripping and rolling with this thing on her, all the way in the home where the narration basicly stated that “As she turned around she saw a demon like no other...” When that was said my self tried to turn around to see this person, and when I tried, was pulled out of the “story” or dream or whatever it was. Now whatever it was didn't want me to witness what happen next. The weird thing is I woke up when I was pulled out of the dream...that never happened to me before. Secondly I think that this either was a time travel type of dream or it was a past life regression. Here is why, the item that was on the girls neck I have never seen before. When I told this dream to Lance he told me what that type of thing was, It was an item to stop mental patients from biting. Thirdly some mental patients, as I did some research later about this, were confined to homes and was cared for by the family. So now I wonder what it was really, was it a time travel dream or was it my spirit going into a past life finding out answers of my strange ways. I think myself because it seemed like it was a narration of part of a person's life that I traveled some where some time to find something I shouldn't .

Now on to some news that would make you want BRAINS. On the 16th of this month (OCT) there will be a zombie crawl in Saugerties. Now my boyfriend has created a simulation game that gives you a “What would you if your town/city was infested with zombies.” It's called Zombie Cataclysm, if you are interested you can go to www.zombiecataclysm.com and see what it's about and if you want buy a copy, either by PDF or a hard copy make sure you have a Pay Pal (shivers) account. Me and some of the play testers for the game that we play on Mondays. So check us out or just hobble to many bars and restaurants for this great zombie crawl that a friend of ours is working her ass off to promote and create. So please if you are in the area come join us it will be fun!

Speaking of zombies out game has created Zombie Cataclysm senarios in my dreams. Including finding a ghost in one of the houses. I swear cannot make this crap up!