Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Past life, Regular Dream or Time Travel?


This blog is brought to you by the letters W, the letter T and the letter F.

So the other night dreaming like some “normal” people do, until I encounter a dream where I was in 17th or early 18th century I think It was England, it could have been America but I am not to certain. It was more of a third person narration. Kind of like those old narrations that sound like an old person speaking. As it was speaking I see this little black girl and I think it was her mother in this wooded area, she was sitting on a log getting some sort of weird contraption put around her neck. I described it as curcular on the bottom and arch of wood fasen on both sides. If you seen blinders on a horse it's almost like that except it was wood. After I was put on this girl the lady walked into this wooden house and the girl followed, tripping and rolling with this thing on her, all the way in the home where the narration basicly stated that “As she turned around she saw a demon like no other...” When that was said my self tried to turn around to see this person, and when I tried, was pulled out of the “story” or dream or whatever it was. Now whatever it was didn't want me to witness what happen next. The weird thing is I woke up when I was pulled out of the dream...that never happened to me before. Secondly I think that this either was a time travel type of dream or it was a past life regression. Here is why, the item that was on the girls neck I have never seen before. When I told this dream to Lance he told me what that type of thing was, It was an item to stop mental patients from biting. Thirdly some mental patients, as I did some research later about this, were confined to homes and was cared for by the family. So now I wonder what it was really, was it a time travel dream or was it my spirit going into a past life finding out answers of my strange ways. I think myself because it seemed like it was a narration of part of a person's life that I traveled some where some time to find something I shouldn't .

Now on to some news that would make you want BRAINS. On the 16th of this month (OCT) there will be a zombie crawl in Saugerties. Now my boyfriend has created a simulation game that gives you a “What would you if your town/city was infested with zombies.” It's called Zombie Cataclysm, if you are interested you can go to www.zombiecataclysm.com and see what it's about and if you want buy a copy, either by PDF or a hard copy make sure you have a Pay Pal (shivers) account. Me and some of the play testers for the game that we play on Mondays. So check us out or just hobble to many bars and restaurants for this great zombie crawl that a friend of ours is working her ass off to promote and create. So please if you are in the area come join us it will be fun!

Speaking of zombies out game has created Zombie Cataclysm senarios in my dreams. Including finding a ghost in one of the houses. I swear cannot make this crap up!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Item of the week

I know I know I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a craft of the week for months now. I am been so stressed about getting a job and my boyfriend is switching servers for his business which makes my life a but more stressful because I'm a damn empath. On top of that I had to switch computers for a while and I could not upload any pictures on the computer in the living room because It sucks ass. I finally have gotten my new laptop so that I don't have to worry about the computer in the living room exploding on me when I am trying to do something (yes it's that bad).

Now this craft of the week is dedicated to those pirate fans out there. Complete with skull and crossbones, hematite beads, snowflake obsidian and jet beads.

I had another picture but Blogspot is being a pain and giving me a 503 error so It's a little impossible the post it at this moment.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What has been on my mind lately?

Greetings readers

Well it has been weeks since my last post and I have to say I have been extremely busy. I was going to put one out about a couple of days ago but my boyfriend gave me his cold. The scary thing is that I could not breath very well. I had what was like asthma symptoms but it was the cold that was affecting my lungs. I am better now and all i have is a stuffy nose. I'm not miserable, it's just an annoyance in my function in this world. What matter is I am better and I am healthier. On the negative side is it's allergy season again and I can feel it. Allergies hot me like a sack of potatoes hitting me and I have a sight cough but that's nothing try not breathing through your right nostril last night. Again I say it I am better than I was two days ago
There are a few things that I want to cover first off Lance and I with the help with some of our friends are creating a zombie simulation. From my tweets and things you may be wondering what in the world I am editing. Well for those who are confused it's called Zombie Cataclysm (Zombie Apocalypse was taken!) It's a zombie simulation game. Now since there is a rise in the zombie lover's community, we have created a game where you can go out and try to survive in a zombie infested world. If you want to know further details you can e-mail me at Stargirl12451@gmail.com to know the overview of the game. I can't go into much detail considering that we are still working out the kinks and fixing some spelling and grammar issues. I'm the editor so considering that Lance writes like he talks he needs some work when it comes to creating something that people can understand. This is a "game" than anyone can pickup and enjoy for the most part. The interesting part is the other day I did a prosperity/money/luck spell and the next yesterday a writer from Fangoria Magazine contacted Lance and told him he wants to write a story on the game. Now considering that Fangoria has a big fan base this game will do better than we expected…if the readers read the article. Yes, yes people this is a bit of promotion going on here.

I have a bit of a twitch going on here considering some news that is making me a bit pissed. It seems that there is a bit of controversy regarding a mosque being 3 blocks from ground zero. Now I am all for the freedom of religion and I accept that people have views on this and let me know I am all for our constitutional rights. Now some idiots are promoting that this mosque/community center is a ground for terrorist training camp. Some people even said that it's a victory agains america. Umm…people I am so against terrorism and the extremes of religion, but this doesn't mean that the whole religion is involved with terrorist attacks. It seems more likely that those who are involved withterrorism are more politically orientated than religious. Yes, the group that attacked us on 9/11 where practicing Muslims but people please just for once use some sense. One group who practice a certain sect of a religion does not mean that everyone who practices Islam is a terrorist or hates america. We have islamic groups here in america that love the freedom of practice their own way and yet we hate for the whole instead of the one.

Someone please beat some sense in to Glen Beck and his followers. Recently Glen Beck had is "Restoring Honor" Rally and he says he had over 300,000 followers there. First of all he had about 90,000 peoplethere and they are lunies. His "Restoring Honor" Rally, which by the way was on the anniversary of the Martin Luthor King Jr "I Have a Dream" Speech, no coincidence there -side stare into that a load of BS look-, quickly turned into a self promotion rally…yes he actually used this rally to promote his new book…a book which name I really don't care because it's Glen Beck who wrote it and it's a load of crap, like his three or four books that he has out now. How do you know you may ask. I saw them at a local book store…I nearly vomited when I saw them. In his TV career he has called President Obama a racist, fascist and a complete left wing nut. He called us fascists, and he made fun of Malea the President's daughter because she asked her father if he plugged the hole yet on his radio show after the disaster in the gulf involving a working oil rig. The same question that most of american are asking and he goes and makes fun a 10 year old. Yeah he's a great guy /sarcasm! As for the "Restoring Honor" Rally this guy doesn't have any honor at all so how the hell can you say you are going to have a rally for this if you don't have it yourself. Mr. Beck you are an ass-hole who needs to get off your high horse and stop being so damn stupid.

Someone please tell me who the hell would try to burn a holy text?

<--Oh wait it's this guy, a pastor of the name Terry Jones. Terry Jones who runs a congregation of only 50 members out of Florida, said that on September 11 the 9th anniversary on the attacks on american soil by Al Qaeda, they will hold a Qur'an burning. . . . . Really is he this stupid? Does he really want to tarnish america even more. I hope this man will burn in his
hell so that I won't have to see him ever again after this is done. Burning is holy text won't do anyone good even with our troops in the middle east, which by the way are starting to focus on coming home. When someone sees their holy book being burn by a small sect of christianity muslims will think that we are out to get them… Mr. Jones you are now on my shit list because of your arrogance and stupidity and I hope that some islamic group bombs your church and only your church…and possible the Westbro Baptist Church too.

Well that is my beef with the world I hope you understand what's going one and why I have been so damn busy.

Bright Blessings


Monday, August 23, 2010

There Was a Intelligent Blog Post

Greetings Readers

Well I was going to do an informational blog post with research and tags and no using wikipedia...much. Well that went down the toilet! I was going to compete the blog yesterday when I though I wasn't feeling like utter crap. Well the stomach bug hit and dropped me like a sack of potatoes. When I got home from doggy-sitting for four days and having to yell at the oldest brother for having someone sleep over for two out of the three nights. He didn't get back until three in the morning the last night because I yelled at him. It so happens that yesterday I came down with the stomach bug and I felt like utter crap. So the reason for this post is to update you on why the so called blog isn't out.

Back to doggy sitting! The first night around four thirty in the morning I woken up to a cold we nose on my arm so I figured that she had to go out and go to the bathroom. No she wanted to just go out sit on the lawn for ten minutes staring at me. We went inside and I fell asleep...almost. Shirlock decided he wanted to go out at five in the morning, and trying to let himself in the bedroom. So i squirted the crap put of the poor cat, but yet I was pissed...not even 3 minutes past and he comes trying to open the door. I took the squirt bottle and did it again. for about a half and hour of this I decided to let the cat out. I really wanted sleep. For the next 3 early mornings he did this. No wonder why I was tired. So the last day I was tired, angry and sick because of that cat, oh he was bad! It was funny the day before last I chansed him with the squirt bottle for and hour.

Well this isn't the blog that you people probably didn't expected because you wanted and informational blog but this is just a meer update on the situation at hand.

I am feeling much better

Bright Blessings


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elements in daily life.

Greetings. Now I haven't seen many posts about the elements and what they mean to a certain individual. This post is to help and inspire what it means to have the elements in you daily life and daily magical experience.

For most pagans who know about the five elements that represent the pentacle Earth Fire Air Water and Either or spirit. But what do they mean in every day life. According to me, because this is my blog and my views on every day life, the 5 elements can make up a person. Earth being the center of balance between reality and conscious. Air being the communication between family friends or other people you met. Water is the emotion that one has either it's calm or it's intense or it's natural. Fire is the passion and desire one has for certain objects or people. and spirit is the being of the person with theother four elements in place. So to break down this.


You heard the term earthly child, or one who is down on this earth right? Well people who are in the earth element, such as their astrological signs, normally are very well balanced in their daily lives. They can multi task, know what is reality and what is fantasy and they can be very cautious and they want a real result in the way people think. Earth is also associated with common sense which some people don't are do have. I know someone who is defiantly not an Earth person, because common sense is not his forte. Earth people are premeditative dependable and have the concerned with the physical well-being rather that a spiritual.

Astrological signs associated with Earth are Capricorn Taurus and Virgo.

Certain stones such as jet, green calcite, coal has healing or protection qualities.

Questions for the person who want have a earthly balance in their life.

Do you feel that you are mentally in another world?

Do you feel you need to connect yourself with the physical aspect of the self?

Is there more common sense and actual intelligence looming in the future.?

More so do you feel like you need to be cautious in you life.?

Do you want to be more predictable as a person?

Do you depend on others?

If you feel like you need the balance that the element earth provides ask you self are you spiritually balanced.


Air is the communication that a person engages with another. The same communication that we all establish with the universe, the self and your communication with spirit. Plus communication within friends family and others to create a sense of community and honesty is with you. People who are mostly air elements, to me, Love to talk they can talk for hours

Signs associated with air include Libra Aquarius and Gemini

Stones associated with Air include but not limited to, Pumice, Aventurine and Jasper. Stones that are associated with the planet mercury. Every hear when mercury goes into retrograde communication gets all garbled and computers don't work pro pertly. Some people are mostly immune and take mercury retrograde for great communication. I for some odd reason happen to be one ofthose people. These stones happen to be mostly receptive due to its association with communication. Stones associated with air, their energies either can banish, project or heal.

Questions you should be asking yourself to keep the communication of air going

Do I have a lack of communication with friends, family co-workers.

Do i talk little or too much

Do I gossip way to much

Do I lie to myself and to others way to much

Am I establishing a healthy communication with my god(s)

Do I put myself down.

How much air is too much air.
Air is the master of communication. It's like the wind it's either calm and gentile and helpful like a small breeze or it's damaging like hurricane force winds. It can be still and there is nothing left in the wind. Remember watch your worlds because that hurricane will come out.


Water is normally associated with emotions. If you nerve observed water in a lake, stream/river or the ocean you notice the different ways of the flow of water in that area. Emotions are just like that. When you see a lake it's normally calm and neutral. When you see a river that flows down and it's calm or rapids that associates with the anger or if you do your homework you know that water can destroy the earth and form new hills an valleys. Your emotions form your self your physical and mental self. Like the river that forms hills and valleys or the rain that helps the earth, your emotions do the same with your conscious. Water is also part of your mental state. Either your completely insane like the large rapids that go really fast or you are calm and not stress like the slow moving water. When you sleep your mind which still goes or otherwise you are a vegetable, Is active as well. People who have water as a main element in their life are very sensitive in relationships that can show a great warmth but also can hold back. They are healers but can show great manipulation. I have water element as my main self. If you love the flow of stream or a river and can sense the great energies, you have a great association with the water element

Astrological signs associated with water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Stones associated with water include but not limited to are Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst and Moonstone. These are stones that are used for purification peace, healing and friendship

Things you want to ask yourself to better that Water Element within your self

Do I get mad easily

I am I indecisive in my actions

Do I feel like i need to heal others

Do I get stressed easily

Do I cry easily

Do I feel what others feel

Water is the master of your emotions and mental self. Be self aware of that and you can better that element in yourself.


My favorite element fire is associated with people desires and passions for the things in life. Fire is also the desire for new and the desire to burn. When we look at fire we see a few things. 1. It helps with cooking food. 2. It's hot as hell and can burn you 3. Can burn down a forest or your home or a set of homes. 4. Helps you become warm during the winter and early and late spring/fall 5. Can be a source of light. Fire has it's pros and cons. Pros being a source of light warmth and contort. The cons being it can be very destructive just like the rest of the four elements. Passions are tempered and you temper towards a goal or many goals is fueled by your fire in your soul. People who are mostly made up of fire tend to be very temperamental, but always have a desire for something either if its running or doing some kind of activity. Their desires fuels their actions and things do get done. The down side is sometimes their actions have negative consequences. I know Part me be is made up of desire for something but rush head first into things. They are like a bull in a china store. people with fire in their hearts tend to be stubborn when it comes to an issue that they feel is right to them and they keep pushing and pushing until they run out of steam

Astrological signs of fire is Aries Leo and Sagittarius.

Stones associated with fire include but limited to are Red Agate, Red Jasper or Sunstone. Most of them are ruled by the sun the masculine aspects in life.

Questions to ask yourself to better your fire element.

What things am I passionate about?

How can I over come too much desire?

Do I get to over involved in things and need to be snapped out of reality?

Am I the "Bull in the China Store"

Should I make things complex.

Fire can burn but can help too. Light that fire but temper it to see how much desire you can handle and passion. What are you passionate about and how can you balance that with your emotions.

I am not going to do Spirit because The four elements that I talk about make up the self spirit is the self. The other word for spirit is Akasha.

I am not going into much detail but the stones that include sprit but not limited to amber petrified wood and mother-of-pearl

I hope this is a help in those who are not so familiar of what the aspects of the elements in daily life make you up in who you are.


The late Isaac Bonewitz just pass this morning around 8 with his family around him giving him much confort. So please give much support for his family in the time of mourning.

Bright Blessings


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Moral of this Story is..

Greetings readers.

I am back with a story about my last 24 hours. It was an A V E N T U R E. For those who don't follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook will have a update. Last night around 5:30 Lance and I are eating dinner for a minute until Lance decided to not chew is food and got it stuck in his throat. The messed up part is that he was breathing but could not drink or eat at the moment. We both were scared at the situation. So I go online to find out how to push the piece of pork down his esophagus. I tried water, soda (for the pressure of the carbon to push it down), we tried a raw egg. He tried to jump up and down, causing the dogs to panic. I finally asked him, an hour later, If he wanted to try milk to throw it up. We tried that before, it didn't help. So I went to the corner store to get him milk and soda. He tried the soda but I waisted money on milk for NOTHING...well chocolate milk for me. So Lance decided to wait it out and see if it is down in the morning . Lance woke me up around 8 so that we can leave to be at the doctors by 9. We arrived and they open at 10 so we waited until 10. The doctor said we needed to go to the emergency room for that kind of thing, so back to Kingston to Kingston Hospital we go. Me driving of course or otherwise Lance would not survive the trip. On the way on route 28 I stopped so that he can throw up. We get there around 10:30 I drop him off at the doors and he goes in as I try to find parking, which was easy to my surprise. As I walk in he is already being entered into the computer which was a big surprise cause it's a hospital and they make you wait for HOURS. After he was enter into the computers, he was put into a room. Of course we waited for 30 minutes for a nurse, then ten minutes later another nurse comes in then 20 minutes later the doctor. He tells him what happened last night and they contemplate what he wants to do, either it was high doses of drugs or shove a big tube down his throat. They decided drugs so the second nurse tries to put an IV into him. At that moment when the nurse put he IV in to his arm he felt something move into his stomach, which was the pork. Which by now the piece of meat was rotten and chewed on by stomach acid that he threw up last night. I know this is a bad image but bare with me please. He then wanted to try drinking a cup of water, which to my surprise went down and he didn't throw up. We call the second nurse into the room and told her that he can drink. She got the doctor and the doctor, who was skeptical and wanted him to drink in front of him. He did and they drew up discharge papers for Lance. So the whole entire day as he is recovering from the lack of food and water I had to drive him around getting groceries and everything. Remind you people that from 5:30pm to 12:00pm he was going with a piece of meat down his esophagus near his stomach not wanting to go anywhere and his body was rejecting food or water. He was weak and could not drive or both of us was screwed. Now he is resting in his bed listening to the many mosquitos driving him crazy.

So the moral of this story is don't be in a rush when you are eating dinner. Meat doesn't digest in the esophagus.

I hope you learn something.

Monday, August 9, 2010



Wait I haven't been blogging since MAY? Well don't I feel sill for not putting one up. I do have an excuse (Somewhat). My computer, the one that I had for six months decided not to work. Well today I got the call from ACER saying there was...water damage? Okay first of all I did not spill nothing on that computer and if I did I wouldn't send the thing in first place. I know that there is a policy against water damage with all computers. With that I attempted to call my mother only to get a call from her anyway. I told her what the woman on the phone said. She concluded that ACER is trying to force money from me by saying that it was water damage. Okay If anyone knows this company is known to have good computers and now i know they have lame service and concludes the stupidest accusations against their buyers. I will never buy a ACER again. Thankfully for my mother she gave me a new MacBook Pro for my birthday that was on the 29th of July and oh dear gods it is so much better than the PC that only ran for 6 months. I don't have a word processor yet but when I go back to my parents I'm grabbing word 03 from my brother. For two months prior to this I had to use my boyfriends old computer that is set up in the living room where I am writing this. I was going to write this in the office but I was evicted by the smell coming from Rainy ass.

Another thing that is going on is I am still in the process in trying to find a job, there is no good news on that front. I am having everyone who I can trust help me in that matter. We are having trust issues with our so called friends. Just last week Lance and I had to dig up the rest of our septic fields after one of our friends not making it one of his priorities. We were paying this kid 8 and hour for a TWO DAY job which should not of been three weeks with little progress. It took us 3 hours to dig up the same feet this kid did in three weeks. We should of done it ourselves in the first place.

I am trying to catch up on my podcasts considering that the computer Lance had for me didn't have a working speaker. I found out later that he had extras. Boy did I feel stupid.

Well that's it my life since May.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm not the best at hot and humid, I HATE IT!

Bright Blessings


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craft Of The Week

This week's craft was done last week before I almost ran out of links. I went to Michaels the same day and I bought the WRONG links and couldn't persue more crafting But I did get this done

It's close to last weeks craft of the week, the same style and the same charm. It 's also very, very light.

Bright Blessings


Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Twilight Lovers

Dear Twilight Lovers

O.o I'm already twitching

Now you hear rants about how bad of a writer Stephanie Meyer is and I know that the Twilight series has influence a whole new generation that goes to extreme at times. Now I am not saying that the Twilight series is a bad influence on the young generation…sort of. I am addressing what is good writing and what is not good writing. Now I am a reader of the Harry Potter series. Not including Ronald Weasley’s whining in the series, yes people the kid whined a lot through out the series and the 5th book is where Harry became an angst bitch. The series have more characters that have more personality than any characters in the Twilight series. I like the series even if it was geered to younger people because it’s a work of fiction that you can see your self in. It seems that Stephanie Meyer, no relation to my boyfriend, tried to write a book that is meant to be burned resurrected, and then drowned in the better fiction out there in fiction land. Oh and by the way the main “heroine” seems to have dependency issues I know because I read the first 100 pages and could not read anymore. Now I know that 12 year olds read this and think that this is the best ever, and I understand that they haven’t read a lot of fiction in their 12 years of existence. They also are just learning who to write well, read older fiction and determine what is good writing and what isn’t other than us older people who know what GOOD fiction is. Good fiction writers such as George Orwell and T S Elliot who’s books have been around for years and have been noted to be one of the best writers. They also have been on high school reading lists since they have been published. Twilight isn’t one of these books.

The naive mentality of a 12 year old is predictable because they dream of that man who would fall in love with them, probably a vampire who have a fetish with you, but what about those Twilight moms. Oh dear Brigit help you all. These moms who have been around before their children was born. Those moms who have read better works of fiction still think that this is awesome and sometimes want to be a sparkly vampire. Now understand that some of you moms are single and still dream about that someone and read romance novels. (I am so not a fan of such.) All I have to say is please put down the book step away and get to you’re local library. They have better fiction. Try reading the Myth series or real C S Lewis, better yet read HP Lovecraft. (My favorite author along with EA Poe.) You will, I hope, to have a better experience what actual good fiction is.

Please throw your Twilight series away it’s bad for your health.


The concerned lover of books

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom

Thank you for putting up with me for all these years even if I didn’t move out till last year.

Thank you for all of you’re support though the years.

Thank you for all of the back up and corrections from papers.

Thank you for helping out in the times when I really needed help the most.

Thank you for putting up with my birth even if it was you’re birth

Thank you for late breakfasts

Thank you for half of your support financially

Thank you for the two siblings, even though they were the hardest combination ever.

Thank you for sharing your love, even if I don’t live with you anymore.

Thank you for checking up on me even if there wasn’t a crisis.

Thank you for putting me through school and sharing your knowledge.

Thank you for being you, showing me that I can be strong.

Thank you again for putting up with my crap for 23 years and now this is showing that I appreciate it all

Thank you Mom I love you.

From your loving daughter



Bright Blessings


Friday, May 7, 2010


Hospitality in the craft and in general

This weeks post is a bit different there is no rant. Why? Well because I had to put this out not many people did this kind of subject before, Hospitality. I see subjects like Community, or how to cast a spell correctly. I have also seen blog posts in the seasons of the year. I could do a late post on Beltane, but I’m not going to, sorry guys! Hospitality and respect has been in an iffy side in the general public. Even in the craft I’ve seen people who don’t give respect where respect is due. So first off lets define what is hospitality.

According to Wikipedia

Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.

"Hospitality" can also mean generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need.”

Okay so we have established the Wikipedia version of it lets see what dictionary.com says

noun, plural -ties.

1. the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.

2. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.”

Okay so Wikipedia is right on the money about today’s establish hospitality in the career path. Back when we didn’t have much in the way of transportation, the most people had was a horse and buggy. Guess what time period I’m referring to. Hospitality was prevalent. People in the days where there was no cars it was hard to get around, those who traveled to towns hand to either take their horse, a cart or walked, and it took a day or two to get to the next town. Especially in the colder climates, people would take in travelers. They would feed them, maybe give them a bath and a fresh spot on the floor with blankets and let them sleep. Inns and taverns would have places for people to hunker down for the night and start fresh in the morning.

This is true in today’s society when places like hotels and restaurants rely on e best care and services as part of that hospitality for the exchange of money and the hopes that the person would come back and enjoy their stay in the future. Restaurants also have that that hospitality of the server serving the drinks, food and checking on and refilling, for the exchange of tips for a job well done. As a waitress this was always the setting

What about hospitality within your home? Let me tell you a small story and get right in to why. Just about 3 months ago I had the privilege to help out a girl who was mentally abused by her boyfriend. Now at the time I felt good helping her, now I wish I didn’t, I’ll explain later in the post why. Now her ex mentally abused her and she finally came to her senses and asks the head instructor of the Order of the Roc, a sword-fighting group I belong to, to help her in her crisis. So the first night we set her up with our good friend for the first 24 hours until we can come up with places for her to hunker down until she has her own place. We took her in for the first week. Now at first she ask if she can help with dinner, Which I explained I don’t need much help so she can go and watch TV or read a book, because she just got out of an abusive relationship she needs a bit of a break. Now as the week goes on she didn’t even want to lift a finger. All she did was watch reruns of Xena. It got her out of our hair when we where doing work. Now when I asked for help when I was washing the dishes or help in cooking she would just sit there and ignore what I asked her to do.

Now what is the problem in this situation? Okay I’ll tell you, even when you are a guest in someone’s house there is always something to do. Hospitality doesn’t always just include the host/hostess to provide everything that the guests needs, but the guests could help make the hospitality of the host/hostess less stressful like help in serving food or drink. Even things like help preparing food that needs to be prepared right away. Even washing the dishes afterwards so that the host/hostess doesn’t have a mountain of dishes that she has to wash until the wee hours of the next morning. Little things like picking up cups that have been laying around could help relieve the stress of the host/hostess hospitality when inviting people over for a get together or even a party.

Remember in the movies where a teen throws a HUGE party when the parents aren’t home and people get wild and start to break things and spill things. They even go towards them having sex in the parents bedroom. Helping out in the realm of hospitality by not doing these things. Please don’t use the thousand-dollar vase for recreation and please leave the sex at home or you can do that in private behind bushes where no one can see especially when it comes to bonfires and festivals. I have heard stories about a few couples that have gotten all wild and started to go at it right there. Now I’m not against people all hot and horny than they need to jump on each other, that’s fine just please I do not need so see that right next to me. Unless I’m part of it I don’t need to see it. That is why porn doesn’t do much for me. This happens even when there might be CHILDREN present. Seriously people a five year old doesn’t need to see an orgy they are too young for that.

Now this goes even for the order, we have to recently kick some one out because of her risky behavior with UNDERAGE boys. We had to keep telling her to not sit on their laps and jump all over them, especially when she had a boyfriend at the time. He was smart and told her goodbye. (We also knew that she cheated on him and tried to warn him as a good friend). In the group we have the “sweet and innocent rule” which states: “You are sweet and innocent until you reach the age of 18, until you do reach this age, do not disprove us of this.” It goes for those who are 18 talking to a 15 or 16 year old where swearing should not happen…much and sexual innuendos should not take place. This also goes for LAP DANCES. We have rule 1a “No horseplay” and rule 1b “Do no piss the Director of the Order of the Roc off”. If rule 1a is broken 1b normally takes effect. I know but if you’re in this group you should see why. In all respect to the order this rule should not be broken, it would result in 1:me yelling or someone else yelling at the person 2: the Director throwing the person out for their behavior 3: them getting hurt. In all hospitality if anyone respects rules, respects the order and helps us out when we need it so that we won’t be so damn stressed.

By doing the most simplest things like helping out with the groceries or help someone pain their garage will not only show hospitality but a respect for the person who has helped you out. Lance and I know if a kid who would mow and paint for the exchange of food because in the past we have tried to help him out. He is also a bored kid. Even though he would do things out of bordom, like give me a metal stick that looks like a dildo, the kid is awesome anyways.

I hope this would enlighten you about hospitality and the respect someone deserves for their job.


Today we look into a great podcast put on by a wonderful, intelligent women, Velma Nightshade. Yes Witchesbrewhaha has been chosen for podcast of the month. Velma is one of the most intelligent podcasters I have ever heard. Her inspiring version of practical pagan segments makes you not want to use your cauldron, anthame, or the many candles that I have in my drawer right now. She gives you the “in your face, this is who I am.” attitude that I mostly love. She is funny, informative and all around witch who isn’t afraid to “think outside the cauldron”.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Well Awaited Craft of the Week.

Greetings Everyone.

Okay I FINALLY have pictures of some crafts that I have done. This recent one I just got done. It's made with a beautiful butterfly to commemorate that spring has definitely have sprung except this weekend when it felt like summer.

Beautiful butterfly fly in the spring sun!

Blue beads for a blue spring day with sun as warmth!

Bright blessings



Dear Folks

I am so sorry for not putting out a blog. I have been so busy and just today I was preparing for an interview so I may or may not have a job at this point. On top of that my allergies have been on the fritz and kept me from typing correctly so I had to scrap some of the stuff I did. Last weekend I attended out probably last Hudson Valley Mayfaire. Lets just say that the women who does the local Renn fair is so disorganized and she doesn't know what she is doing, she made her niece fair ground manager and she wasn't there. So Lance had to make the person who is in charge with Long Island Meadery In charge of running things. Lets just say he was so frazzled at the end that he and all of the vendors and performers were not happy in the way this fair was done.

So now the question is is there going to be a Renaissance fair or not. Well according to Lance, there might be, but there is not going to be the Hudson Valley Mayfaire but something completely different. We don't want to be associated with the title since the women who was in charge did a crappy job. We did have a booth the second day of the fair and all together made about 100 dollars considering it was a small fair.

I will have all the segments listed in one post in the next week. I am sorry again for the delay, forgive me.

Have a blessed week!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Neighbor

Greetings all

I will be introducing a couple new segments. The first new segment is Podcast of the month. I am an advent podcast listener, so far on my iTunes I have over 40 of them, I know I am a podcast whore. This will be a segment that I will review a podcast every month. The second is craft project of the week. I work with stones and beads to create jewelery. So every week I will pull out a piece of my work either done on the past or just done in that week, only because I'm bored most of the time. What! I don't have a job yet, jobs around here are a pain to obtain because of Ulster County's population.

Dear Neighbor who has nothing to do.

I see you're..sweeping your driveway, and the road. You sir have nothing better to do with you're life. I advise you to start a hobby like stamp collecting or collecting fingers. Well maybe the former rather than the latter. We don't want you to think that you're crazy or anything. By the way, yelling at us because the road isn't clear of grass is just you saying I'M BORED AND I NEED SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Well we don't have the time to sweep the driveway or the...road. (strange I know)So will you please take your expensive car and your retired ass and leave us be. We are the ones that have lives, and we are the ones that have things to do, like get job, or pull money out of our ass. We don't have the time to mow our lawn EVERY OTHER DAY. So take your petty boredom somewhere else. GET A HOBBY TOM!


Your Loving Neighbor Who Has A Life.

Sorry people my neighbor happens to be this bored old dude who is retired.


Okay people grab you're pitchforks and torches because this podcast will make you think. Of course I am referring to FireLyte and his podcast and blog Inciting a Riot. Firelyte is a very smart, balanced guy, who gives you news, the word of the day and lets you light a torch of thinking. I follow him of twitter and I have the small talk or two a week. He is a good friend and knowledgeable pagan. Please check out Inciting a Riot at www.incitingariot.com.

Right now I have to say bye. I will get to the craft of the week in the next blog when I have pictures.

Blessed Be

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Mr Asshole and introduction

Greetings and welcome to the Town Witch blog. My name is Candace and some people might know be from twitter as Ravengirl242. If you like this blog please feel free to follow me for updates on the blog, or if you want to know what I am thinking at the moment.

I'm a witch, not in the broom closet. (Thank the gods or I would go insane in there) I know that there are people who might not agree to what I have to say, THATS GREAT! it means that your are using your mind and not become a slave. (Although...no no bad girl bad -hand slap-).

Now this blog is going to be an unusual one because I write in more of a letter format to get my frustrations out of the way. Occasionally there will be some poetry and some practical magic in the mix. So sit back read what I have to say. Oh and if you want to you can comment too. The magic if feedback is a foot (my left one, the right smells) Okay here it goes!

Dear Mr Asshole who works behind the counter of the liquor store.

I was trying to get some liquor for my boyfriend who happens to have allergies to certain kind of medicine and can't take any pain killer because of his insulin resistance. Alcohol is the only pain killer he can have. I'm am sorry that this was the first time in that store and I am not sorry that you were dropped on your head when you were a baby. Have you ever heard of good friendly customer service, oh wait you have not because you yelled at me because I was in the wrong section of the store. The person who is in charge should of fired you even before you were hired. Obviously you have not respect to others and treat them like they are criminals. For the love the all the gods in the universe go jump off a bridge if you are going to be like that. There is clearly a issue with your ego and unconscious self because you think your are superior that all who live. Why? Well I can tell you that because the ego is a big ass balloon that is about to pop in your little skull of yours. Yay! I can hear the hot air seeping out as we speak. Go back to whatever rock you came from because you clearly deserve to rot under there.


The newbie in the store.