Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Failed So Much That I Blogged About It.

I am upset with the new changes with Facebook that I have sworn not to use it as much as I use to. What really set me off was the side bar with every one's updates. Do I really need to know who commented on who's status. I really don't care who likes what or who is playing what game. I have had it! Now due to my friends who don't want to make a change to another social media that doesn't stalk you every second, I have to remain on it to see how my friends are doing and to know what is going on with the media today. I have a few groups and pages that I subscribe to for information about the world, different views. I am how ever diligently trying to move over to Disporia with the hopes that someone would give me an invite, right now I am on G+ and Twitter. Twitter I don't mind, actually I love the fact that people can follow me and have a conversation with 140 words or less. (I wish that was longer though! Twitlonger!). Facebook with it's updates every couple of month has been adding up with sheer frustration and the fact that I now can't freaking have a live feed anymore, how the hell can I change that setting!?!? The Crackbook is failing after the second or third updates and I have put up with it this long. It really makes you want to go back to Myspace, yet that has gotten even horrible. I wish there was a social media outlet that makes a update that improves it's performance, instead of having it crash and burn. FACEBOOK YOU FAIL!

Seriously though if you want to follow me on Twitter it's right there on the side of the page --------->

Or look me up on G+ or Crackbook.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am from the Wild Earth.

This is for a homework assignment in my Education in Diverse Populations class. The assignment was to create a "I am from" poem that gave the teacher a sense of where I am from. Of course I had to include some Pagan elements into it because of my beliefs. I hope the teacher notices it. I hope you will enjoy it! If I had a mistake in something or could add something else please tell me, this is for a grade!

I am from the Wild Earth

I am from the wild earth
a child filled with love.
I am the wander in the wood.

I am from cookies I bake with the eldest female,
The place where she made jams in the summer.

I am from this valley, created from the beautiful Hudson waters.
I am from precious stones that I collect,
and the jewelry that I create.

I am from the old gods that roam the land,
watching, listening, observing and planning.
I am from science fiction, fantasy and role playing.

I am from winters death, springs renewal,
summers beauty and falls disappearance.

I am from the bonfires at Halloween,
from the faces on the pumpkins
and children dressing up scaring their peers.

I am from the red, the yellow, the purple, the green and the blue
flowers from the garden that pop up every year.

I am from the emotional waters
the fires of passion,
the stability of the earth and
the beauty of the wind.

I am from magic
science and

I am the wild earth, beautiful, created, loving and inspired.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Personal 9/11 Story!

Where were you when the twin towers were hit people would ask on this day. I would always tell then I was in a class that I dislike and would always dislike for eternity. I was in math class, being taught math that I tried to make some sense. Sense that really made me pull my hair out. I remember after class that I heard from a fellow student that the Twin Towers got hit and fell. I really didn't believe them at first because when I was in high school I was always a tiny bit gullible and shy so I have written it off as a joke. Me shy? It's hard to believe. As I found out that more people were talking about it. I suddenly realize it did happen. I really did happen My government teacher turned on the TV as we went into my next class and what beheld me was a disaster, a sight of sheer horror as we see American Airlines Flight 11 and United flight 175 smash into both towers then towers falling and seeing people falling out of the buildings trying to escape . I was almost in tears that day! I couldn't believe that it was happen. I was always emotional but this hit hard. We got out of school around early that day. When I got home I saw what happen while I was on the bus. The Pentagon being hit by American Airlines Flight 77. Later I got word that United Flight 93 got hijack just over Ohio and the plain turned around and was headed towards the white house until it crashed near Shanksville Pennsylvania. My eyes were stuck on the TV for further developments for the rest of the day. Considering I did live about 100 miles from the first attacks of the day. For a brief moment you can see that people got out of their homes and went to their neighbors and asked if they were okay. This tragic event brought us together for a day then when reports came in that the attacks were part of the Taliban, which is a Muslim fundamentalist group, Islamophobia stuck the nation. I got the fear because of what happen. I also know that there were Muslims in those towers and Muslims that were on those planes, ones that didn't hijack four planes and try to strike fear in our hearts. There were also people of other faiths that died and It did bring us together for a brief moment but that moment was short lived when the hatred crept in. The very next day when I went to work I was told that the workers who were looking for supplies to help with their search and rescue. The store that I worked at supplied most of what they needed and I had a lot of people come in and support those workers and donated their purchases to those who were endlessly trying to rescue people from the wreckage. Things like filter masks and flashlights were really needed and I've never seen people donate things to places like this before. It was really touching!

9/11 will aways be a tragic day for the nation but I did bring people together and that is what I remember the most.