Monday, August 12, 2013

When to be an Adult (story)

Just recently I went to a wedding and it was really lovely. Ceremony was a tad bit too long and I think the priest was more narcissistic than me, and I can be a little too narcissistic. Just blame it on my high self esteem. Anyways the reception was nice, however the theme was purple and I really don't like purple. I'd overlooked that for the sake of someone's happiest day.

It was my whole entire family that was invited including the dramatic one. I was hoping that he wouldn't cause a scene, knowing his emotional state. It was great, up until one of the people at the table threw a napkin at him in jest. This person we knew since we were nearly in grade school. I never liked this person, because he was such a jerk to me and everyone in my family. The 21 year old of the family had more of a grudge because of the supposed bulling past. Of course my 21 year old brother is the most sensitive child of the group. I use to be shy and effected a lot, but I grew a harden shell. I also learned how to retaliate when I needed. I don't like bullies and I understand my brother's predicament. With my knowledge of his jerkish past, I try to put things aside for the sake of the wedding. You know it's someone's special day and why ruin it. So like the adult person that I am, I try not to make a scene and enjoy myself, which I was doing until the napkin incident. He then became upset and started to tell my mother that this certain person was doing it again, being the bully that he is. By brother then listed the past things that this person did. Now remind you I knew that this certain person did do it in jest, however I don't think that he would get a rise out of the most dramatic person in my family. My mother told him to stop and calm down, but my brother couldn't. I know that he couldn't let things go for one night. My brother left the room in anger and went to sit in one of the chairs in the lobby.

Everything was calm again until my mother and I got out of the bathroom. The eldest brother ask to talk to my mother. I knew where this was going, so I just went to our table. A minute later my 17 year old brother came in and told us that he was taking my mother home. Then at the car in the parking lot of the reception the eldest and the youngest brother got into a fist fight. The youngest trying to protect my mother from the wrath of the 21 year old dramatic one. We pull out of the parking lot and went home.

So in all of this I sat in the car on the ride home think about this incident. I wanted to do a blog on this to show you that in a time of happiness you really should cast aside differences for one day so that others can have a good time. The past is the past, and letting your grudge with someone cease for a few hours as you dance on a dance floor. It's not good to let your emotions build up, however it's not ok to be the dramatic asshole in the party. What my brother demonstrated is that you don't cause a scene at a party just because someone you hate is there. There are many other people that you may know, go and have fun with them and ignore that person for one night. Be as adult as you can when it comes to someone's ex boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-friend, or someone that has bullied you in the past. If that person is causing the drama then leave the situation. If there is security and someone is itching for a fight, call them. Most of us can be an adult and be mature. We don't like it, but it's a must for situations like this or like paying your bills and going to work. Just remember, there is a time for being an adult and being mature. Then there is a time to unleash your wild childish side.