Monday, August 12, 2013

When to be an Adult (story)

Just recently I went to a wedding and it was really lovely. Ceremony was a tad bit too long and I think the priest was more narcissistic than me, and I can be a little too narcissistic. Just blame it on my high self esteem. Anyways the reception was nice, however the theme was purple and I really don't like purple. I'd overlooked that for the sake of someone's happiest day.

It was my whole entire family that was invited including the dramatic one. I was hoping that he wouldn't cause a scene, knowing his emotional state. It was great, up until one of the people at the table threw a napkin at him in jest. This person we knew since we were nearly in grade school. I never liked this person, because he was such a jerk to me and everyone in my family. The 21 year old of the family had more of a grudge because of the supposed bulling past. Of course my 21 year old brother is the most sensitive child of the group. I use to be shy and effected a lot, but I grew a harden shell. I also learned how to retaliate when I needed. I don't like bullies and I understand my brother's predicament. With my knowledge of his jerkish past, I try to put things aside for the sake of the wedding. You know it's someone's special day and why ruin it. So like the adult person that I am, I try not to make a scene and enjoy myself, which I was doing until the napkin incident. He then became upset and started to tell my mother that this certain person was doing it again, being the bully that he is. By brother then listed the past things that this person did. Now remind you I knew that this certain person did do it in jest, however I don't think that he would get a rise out of the most dramatic person in my family. My mother told him to stop and calm down, but my brother couldn't. I know that he couldn't let things go for one night. My brother left the room in anger and went to sit in one of the chairs in the lobby.

Everything was calm again until my mother and I got out of the bathroom. The eldest brother ask to talk to my mother. I knew where this was going, so I just went to our table. A minute later my 17 year old brother came in and told us that he was taking my mother home. Then at the car in the parking lot of the reception the eldest and the youngest brother got into a fist fight. The youngest trying to protect my mother from the wrath of the 21 year old dramatic one. We pull out of the parking lot and went home.

So in all of this I sat in the car on the ride home think about this incident. I wanted to do a blog on this to show you that in a time of happiness you really should cast aside differences for one day so that others can have a good time. The past is the past, and letting your grudge with someone cease for a few hours as you dance on a dance floor. It's not good to let your emotions build up, however it's not ok to be the dramatic asshole in the party. What my brother demonstrated is that you don't cause a scene at a party just because someone you hate is there. There are many other people that you may know, go and have fun with them and ignore that person for one night. Be as adult as you can when it comes to someone's ex boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-friend, or someone that has bullied you in the past. If that person is causing the drama then leave the situation. If there is security and someone is itching for a fight, call them. Most of us can be an adult and be mature. We don't like it, but it's a must for situations like this or like paying your bills and going to work. Just remember, there is a time for being an adult and being mature. Then there is a time to unleash your wild childish side.   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally Unicorns and Puppies!

Greetings Everyone!

Wow it’s been a while since I written anything at all.  To tell you the complete truth, I first of got lazy and then when I wanted to write something school got in the way.  I struggled to get everything in on time.  By the way, who the hell gives a surprise midterm?  Oh wait that’s my History of Jazz professor…He is the only one out of ALL of my teachers that I’ve had that pulled that trick on us.  The fact that I managed to get a B+ on it astounds me.   However midterms aside, my Sign Language final was fracking hard, when I mean hard, half of the sentences that I had to translate, I had a “What the hell” face on.  Aside if this I do know the five main parts of Cochlear Implants and what they do.  I drilled that in my head 20 minutes before exam…really.  I didn’t do well as I wanted to do.

From all of this I had been disconnected from the known world.  I really felt myself slip into the virtual world with just my laptop and a few social network sites, Tumblr being the new one. It seems that with everything that is going on you just want to sit in the corner, hug your favorite teddy bear and wish that every thing would just be done.  It wasn’t really anxiety, but yet stress that also kept making me sick.  I was losing class time that I needed. With that came allergies and sinus infections.  Yes it was not a good semester at all, health wise.  

Aside of that my life just started to calm down after the big rush on setting up for a Jazz concert that my History of Jazz class put on.  Of course all of my hard work went down the tube when my memory stick died in the middle of trying to find a decent computer to print the programs.  However I make kick-ass cookies!       

The Town Witch 2012 Challenge is still going on and I haven’t abandoned that.  So that’s good news.  Remember you can get on this challenge too. 

Thanks for understanding my reasons why I haven’t had a blog for a while.

Bright and Dark Blessings


Ps: Remember to never give money to the unicorns, they will spend it all on fairy dust and booze.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

#2012TWChallenge update.


If you are following me on twitter you might know about the challenge that I put up a few weeks ago. If you don't know about it I suggest that you go here.

In a few days I'm starting up the spring semester and It's going to be interesting. I'm taking three classes and after that I only have to take two more in order to transfer down to SUNY New Paltz. So again this challenge is going to help me try to get at lease a B+ or better. There is a math course involved so that's why I say a B+.

Here are a list of things that I am trying to do for the challenge

I've been trying to get up earlier so that I have more to do in the day.
I've been using sticky notes to help me keep track of important events and due dates on certain things.
I also made a calendar out of them.
I've been trying to post inspirational sayings around my work area.
I've been trying to keep my work area organized. Not working so well, I need to organize again
I've been trying to keep my place clean...not working well.
After classes start I'm going to try to limit my social networking to about 2-3 hours a day. I have these sites on more than that...
I also put organize and I list various reasons from it will help you look for stuff to it helps you relax to know where your things are.

I am journaling all of this down and trying to use it as a resource for others. As I mentioned in the last post!

It's been a struggle so far but it's only been two weeks.

Remember you can get on this to, it's not too late to start!

Bright and Dark Blessings


Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 and a Challenge.


Welcome to the first edition of the 2012 Town Witch blog! For a few days now I've been trying to transform something that is a bit of a burden around and I have struggled with it. On the 5th of this month I decided to take up a transformational project that includes trying to manage my time and to organize my life better. Last semester I didn't do so well due to my lack of time management, so I decided to take up the project at the beginning of the year. I'm doing this not to do it as some sort of new years resolutions because like I said I really don't make them. However I do make goals and my goal is to better organize my self and to journal about it.

This is a challenge to myself to keep myself organized for this coming semester approaching. I also really want to get into the Early child education joint program with Suny New Platz and so that is the other reason why I'm doing this. I really want to get very good grades this year and by doing a yearly time management challenge for myself will help a whole lot. I also hope to write a lot and in the future publish it so that others can see that even someone who procrastinates can get her tail in gear and use different organizational and time management techniques. This is more of a experience book than a how to book.

Guess what! If anyone is up to a challenge then please read on and then decide of you want to do a "Challenge Accepted" face.

Challenge: I would like it if you would pick something from your life that you want to better. Something that is small that can be faced with little baby steps that can be done in a year or so. Think of it as a short term goal set with small goals in between. I then want you to journal your way through the year. Journal your thoughts, your experiences, quotes of the day, ETC that relates or semi relates to what your goal is about. It doesn't matter what just as long as it's something that doesn't take ten years to complete. Make sure it has to do with something that you can change that will help you in the long run. I'm taking up a time management challenge, what are you doing?

If you choose to do it please let me know and if you have experiences that you want to share tweet it. #2012TWChallenge is the hashtag.

Remember this is totally optional!

Bright and dark blessings


Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years According to the National Calendar!

Greetings and Happy Gregorian New Year

Yes this is the last blog post of the old year. 2011 has been a bumpy road just like 2010, with less bumps though. 2010 I had a major breakup and it left me with very bad thoughts. Lets just say I was internally cursing him. In 2011 was less hell, I did however find a job for three months before being layed off because of an unbalanced drawer. Even though that happen I did work with a few awesome people and they really seem to know what the hell they were doing and have very interesting people come in the store. Like this one guy, I believe he said he is from the Bahamas. He would always come in the store and ask if I need a better job. I would always say yes and then he would "promise" me a job where he worked, which was at a construction company. However of course that never happen.

It has been a slow year, up until about three, four months ago when I started college again, I'm going for my Early Childhood Education degree. I'm attending Columbia Greene Community College, where this semester where I took two education course a history course and a sign language course which I did well in. It seems now I am starting to get my act together. I really don't think that when you get out of high school you are really ready for the real world. As we discussed in my Education 101 course it seems that today's teens haven't really been schooled in the necessary skills to survive in college, from writing skills to time management skills. I blame the required standardized tests that the teachers prepare us for rather then working on real social problems. Then again that's my opinion.

One thing I realized this year alone is that I really need to stop having 40 year old men try to flirt with me. Seriously! I don't know how many times I had these single lonely middle age men try to hit on me. No offense to my ex but I think I'm over men who are like 15 years older than me. Yes they are more experienced but still I think it's a little weird considering that I'm 26, who looks younger than she really is. Can someone please put a leash on the older men for me and what is left of my sanity, please?

No matter how I look at it It has been a year where I really haven't been doing much in the way of magical practice. I feel like I have been having some magical down time this year. It seems I have hit a brick wall and I really need to knock it down some more. It just seems that I have been out of touch with myself and my gods. I hope for next year though that I can get back into my practices and magical studies.

I hope that everyone had a better year that I did. I hope to be posting a bit more next year. I am so sorry about my long haituses.

Bright and Dark Blessings

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Has it been since September. I think so!


Yeah yeah yeah I know this has been an over due blog post. I swear I haven't been ignoring this blog, it's just a tad bit crazy in the land of the Town Witch. I started school just before my huge hiatus and it was just went to crazy town. Hey at lease I can say that I know enough sign language to get through a simple conversation. I will be starting my second semester around the beginning of January so don't expect me to try to blog much during that time. 3 months I know but I did put most of my energy into studying and trying to pass. Hey you know at lease I'm trying to get my degree.

Oh and I swear I think I attract 40 year old men because there was a guy in my Latin American History class that may have the hots for me and I really don't want to go down the road of strange 40+ year old men again. Sorry, Lance! However I totally nailed my History 127 final with and A and on top of that in the same class A+ on my Presentation on Mining in Chile and it's affects on the environment and globalization. SCORE!

Oh and in the time of all of this I found a new pagan social site called Go there and sign up every one there is really nice and very helpful. Unlike Paganspace, which was a nice site at first, but turned into a town for the insane over time. Look for me I try to update daily, screen name is Candace (duh).

I'll still be a kick in the pants type of gal in my blog posts.

Bright Blessings
Candace (Your still sane but a tad bit crazy witch)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Failed So Much That I Blogged About It.

I am upset with the new changes with Facebook that I have sworn not to use it as much as I use to. What really set me off was the side bar with every one's updates. Do I really need to know who commented on who's status. I really don't care who likes what or who is playing what game. I have had it! Now due to my friends who don't want to make a change to another social media that doesn't stalk you every second, I have to remain on it to see how my friends are doing and to know what is going on with the media today. I have a few groups and pages that I subscribe to for information about the world, different views. I am how ever diligently trying to move over to Disporia with the hopes that someone would give me an invite, right now I am on G+ and Twitter. Twitter I don't mind, actually I love the fact that people can follow me and have a conversation with 140 words or less. (I wish that was longer though! Twitlonger!). Facebook with it's updates every couple of month has been adding up with sheer frustration and the fact that I now can't freaking have a live feed anymore, how the hell can I change that setting!?!? The Crackbook is failing after the second or third updates and I have put up with it this long. It really makes you want to go back to Myspace, yet that has gotten even horrible. I wish there was a social media outlet that makes a update that improves it's performance, instead of having it crash and burn. FACEBOOK YOU FAIL!

Seriously though if you want to follow me on Twitter it's right there on the side of the page --------->

Or look me up on G+ or Crackbook.