Thursday, December 22, 2011

Has it been since September. I think so!


Yeah yeah yeah I know this has been an over due blog post. I swear I haven't been ignoring this blog, it's just a tad bit crazy in the land of the Town Witch. I started school just before my huge hiatus and it was just went to crazy town. Hey at lease I can say that I know enough sign language to get through a simple conversation. I will be starting my second semester around the beginning of January so don't expect me to try to blog much during that time. 3 months I know but I did put most of my energy into studying and trying to pass. Hey you know at lease I'm trying to get my degree.

Oh and I swear I think I attract 40 year old men because there was a guy in my Latin American History class that may have the hots for me and I really don't want to go down the road of strange 40+ year old men again. Sorry, Lance! However I totally nailed my History 127 final with and A and on top of that in the same class A+ on my Presentation on Mining in Chile and it's affects on the environment and globalization. SCORE!

Oh and in the time of all of this I found a new pagan social site called Go there and sign up every one there is really nice and very helpful. Unlike Paganspace, which was a nice site at first, but turned into a town for the insane over time. Look for me I try to update daily, screen name is Candace (duh).

I'll still be a kick in the pants type of gal in my blog posts.

Bright Blessings
Candace (Your still sane but a tad bit crazy witch)

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