Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Failed So Much That I Blogged About It.

I am upset with the new changes with Facebook that I have sworn not to use it as much as I use to. What really set me off was the side bar with every one's updates. Do I really need to know who commented on who's status. I really don't care who likes what or who is playing what game. I have had it! Now due to my friends who don't want to make a change to another social media that doesn't stalk you every second, I have to remain on it to see how my friends are doing and to know what is going on with the media today. I have a few groups and pages that I subscribe to for information about the world, different views. I am how ever diligently trying to move over to Disporia with the hopes that someone would give me an invite, right now I am on G+ and Twitter. Twitter I don't mind, actually I love the fact that people can follow me and have a conversation with 140 words or less. (I wish that was longer though! Twitlonger!). Facebook with it's updates every couple of month has been adding up with sheer frustration and the fact that I now can't freaking have a live feed anymore, how the hell can I change that setting!?!? The Crackbook is failing after the second or third updates and I have put up with it this long. It really makes you want to go back to Myspace, yet that has gotten even horrible. I wish there was a social media outlet that makes a update that improves it's performance, instead of having it crash and burn. FACEBOOK YOU FAIL!

Seriously though if you want to follow me on Twitter it's right there on the side of the page --------->

Or look me up on G+ or Crackbook.

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