Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Neighbor

Greetings all

I will be introducing a couple new segments. The first new segment is Podcast of the month. I am an advent podcast listener, so far on my iTunes I have over 40 of them, I know I am a podcast whore. This will be a segment that I will review a podcast every month. The second is craft project of the week. I work with stones and beads to create jewelery. So every week I will pull out a piece of my work either done on the past or just done in that week, only because I'm bored most of the time. What! I don't have a job yet, jobs around here are a pain to obtain because of Ulster County's population.

Dear Neighbor who has nothing to do.

I see you're..sweeping your driveway, and the road. You sir have nothing better to do with you're life. I advise you to start a hobby like stamp collecting or collecting fingers. Well maybe the former rather than the latter. We don't want you to think that you're crazy or anything. By the way, yelling at us because the road isn't clear of grass is just you saying I'M BORED AND I NEED SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Well we don't have the time to sweep the driveway or the...road. (strange I know)So will you please take your expensive car and your retired ass and leave us be. We are the ones that have lives, and we are the ones that have things to do, like get job, or pull money out of our ass. We don't have the time to mow our lawn EVERY OTHER DAY. So take your petty boredom somewhere else. GET A HOBBY TOM!


Your Loving Neighbor Who Has A Life.

Sorry people my neighbor happens to be this bored old dude who is retired.


Okay people grab you're pitchforks and torches because this podcast will make you think. Of course I am referring to FireLyte and his podcast and blog Inciting a Riot. Firelyte is a very smart, balanced guy, who gives you news, the word of the day and lets you light a torch of thinking. I follow him of twitter and I have the small talk or two a week. He is a good friend and knowledgeable pagan. Please check out Inciting a Riot at www.incitingariot.com.

Right now I have to say bye. I will get to the craft of the week in the next blog when I have pictures.

Blessed Be

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