Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm back from international waters


I am back from international waters and I do have some things to share with all of you in the future. I did write a blog post while I was on the ship, because half of the time I was bored and inspiration came to me like a ton of bricks. Yeah that powerful! I also wrote a poem and a chant. So I will put those on in the future. My blog post needs some tweaking so expect that in the next few days. Just to let you people know when you are at sea for seven days to tend to get use to the rocking of the ship. So when I go off the ship I felt like the land was rocking and right now I still feel it a bit when I sit. I did get photos of NYC Nassau, Bahamas and Orlando, FL. If you are not friends with me on Facebook please do my pictures are there. Just search Candace Benoit. I do have almost all of my settings to private.

So anyways I had semi-fun but I would never do a cruise again, just saying.

Bright Blessings

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kerfuffle said...

Hi Candace, Inspiration is good, you should put it to work, add a pinch of focus and let's see the results. I was in the Carib once, stars are very nice out there; took a catamaran to St. Barth, everyone on board got sick but me. Hope boredom at sea did not follow you back home. Keep it bright, Town Witch...