Monday, July 25, 2011


Maybe it was the peace of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the boat, but I've noticed this week that I have never been so aware of myself. They say that when you connect with a body of water your energy just calms to a point where you can mediate. Now I could not do it much because my grandmother was rooming with me and she is like me a bit of a recluse and came back and read in the room, but when she was out with the others I had the opportunity to actually sit down and meditate on the ocean. As I know from the past water can be a powerful substance, from creating hills and valleys to destroying towns and cities. In a way it has very powerful energy to it. Recently about four years ago while still searching, and still am, through the craft I found that I connect with water quite well. I can understand it's force and it's will to create and it's need to destroy. For a good time I have believed that everything has a duality, what is up there must be a down, where there is a day there is a night, ETC. For this I believe that the same for fire, earth and air water has it's duality, but duality doesn't mean just a good and just a bad. No duality to me means that what one must be created another must be destroyed. It's more a middle ground than anything.

For billions of years water has created hills and valleys and gave us a reason to create civilizations by it's structures. If you have studied history you find that the first towns and the first civilzations are along river ways and oceans. Why is this? Well it's simple when we see settlement in watery areas we see that people start to develop an agriculture society so water is needed to grow those crops to feed their tribe/city/village. Water is also a means of transportation. When we build societies in these areas we also make way for other people to explore and expand their land. We also need a means to transport goods and rivers and oceans are a great way of transportation. Boats were the first means of alternative travel for a long time, from small canoes to large sailing ships. Water is a primary example a reason why nomadic tribes settled down thousands of years ago along with the discovery of farming and domestication.

Along with it's creation of cities and carving out areas know to us, water is also a reason why we see a bit if destruction. From rain's intensive power to knock out all communication with flooding to killing thousands with brutal tidal waves. When water gets out of hand is when earth creates an angry shock that gives water it's big power to destroy cities, with the example of the major tidal wave that hit Japan that followed a massive earthquakes, it was powered by all the quake's effects. Even when we have siesmec activity off land we still see great waves hit shores with great intensity. The tidal wave that hit Japan was the largest that the country has seen in a long time, knocking out power lines and take houses with it. THAT is the power of mother earth's waters! Still it's sad to see people loose their homes, I am amazed how quickly everything has it's domono effect when water is involved. Just recently towns along the Mississippi river was flooded, due to a slow moving storm. Rain in areas have made the Mississippi overflow into peoples' yards and engulfing towns in it's flood waters leaving many homeless in the process. Even though people had warning some wanted to stay. Water is a very valuable resource and it's powerful effect is so great that one drop can just destroy or create. It is also very unpredictable to see if the weather calls for light rain to water your crops or a heavy slow moving storms that destroy entire towns with it's massive effect. About ten percent of the worlds water is drinkable and all of it we rely on it for purposes we see fit and it is carried me to the bahamas and back. Everywhere this resource is very valuable for our survival.


kerfuffle said...

Hi Candace, I have somethings to say about water, but am sleep deprived. Meanwhile, I'd like to share some interesting "perspectives" about the mysterious ancient Goddess Columbia. Freeman Fly is the Manly P. Hall of modern times, hope you find him cool as well. Check Freeman out here...

See also Symbols of an Alien Sky:

kerfuffle said...

I went up by Phoenicia last weekend and took the tubing trip down Esopus Creek. Fell out a few times and got dragged along the rapids while holding on to the rubber float. Got my feet & shins all banged up from the rocks below. Actually had to go see a doc, dangerous stuff.

George Washington said of fire, "it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." The same could be said of water. Earth and Air, the other two classical elements, are considered less destructive.

However I always found all this element talk confusing, even mystified. Wikipedia apparently offers little help sorting truth from mumbo-jumbo. Quintessence aggravates everything even further. What is it all supposed to mean?

Looking at it from a physics perspective, water contains hydrogen, but mostly oxygen. Air is primarily nitrogen. but contains oxygen once again as its active ingredient. Fire is plasma, little understood -- yet we know it uses oxygen as a catalyst. Then we have earth -- what is this? Speaking for myself, I'd offer that earth is mostly carbon.

There was something floating around the internet during mid-90s which alleged that carbon is actually monoatomic platinum in a different dimensional state, and forms the basis of light & spirit. A fragment can be found today here: .

Then again, I believe the Chinese considered metal to be the fifth element. That's all I have to say about water. Guess I dunno anything about it really. But I hope my effort sparks some thought.