Friday, July 8, 2011

Sharing a Spell: Stop Rumors/Lies


I don't have a wonderful blog post for you this time but I do have a spell to share with you to stop rumors, or to stop someone from talking crap behind your back, or just to shut someone up. I just found this spell today and I though I would just share.

The history behind this spell is very simple. There was a man who was talking crap about a certain friend of mine, and it really bothered him. This person also attacked our youth group and saying nasty things about us being perverted pedophiles and other nasty rumors just to get a following in his ministry. It was more like trying to gain power. So I took this in my hands and devised this spell to stop him from saying anything else about anyone or the group.

Now what you need is,

A small section of cloth enough to make a small face. (The color can be whatever you wish it to be, mine was black)
A needle and some thread

First you take the cloth an cut a circle, after that cut out eyes and a mouth. Now take the needle and thread the needle, with the thread. When you are done start stitching the mouth of the face close. As you do that chant this:

Needle needle sew these lies and rumors inside, let them stay in and never leave. For these will never see the light of day

Say this over and over with feeling and intent. You can also change the words up a bit.

Remember to keep the energy up until the person has enough of their little charade.

I am going on a cruse tomorrow so I don't want to leave my readers with a small fourth of July message. I also hope that everyone is having a good summer and is staying cool.

Bright Blessings


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kerfuffle said...

Your paper tiger is a Voodoo spell. ... Try writing down rumor on parchment with special ink, then put in small sealed bottle with something heavy like pebbles. Drop bottle into deep water during your cruise, with incantation. Time this according to auspicious astrological moment coinciding with your day. Address your efforts to the lies themselves -- not the lips of the utterer. This is the difference between magic & sorcery.