Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am from the Wild Earth.

This is for a homework assignment in my Education in Diverse Populations class. The assignment was to create a "I am from" poem that gave the teacher a sense of where I am from. Of course I had to include some Pagan elements into it because of my beliefs. I hope the teacher notices it. I hope you will enjoy it! If I had a mistake in something or could add something else please tell me, this is for a grade!

I am from the Wild Earth

I am from the wild earth
a child filled with love.
I am the wander in the wood.

I am from cookies I bake with the eldest female,
The place where she made jams in the summer.

I am from this valley, created from the beautiful Hudson waters.
I am from precious stones that I collect,
and the jewelry that I create.

I am from the old gods that roam the land,
watching, listening, observing and planning.
I am from science fiction, fantasy and role playing.

I am from winters death, springs renewal,
summers beauty and falls disappearance.

I am from the bonfires at Halloween,
from the faces on the pumpkins
and children dressing up scaring their peers.

I am from the red, the yellow, the purple, the green and the blue
flowers from the garden that pop up every year.

I am from the emotional waters
the fires of passion,
the stability of the earth and
the beauty of the wind.

I am from magic
science and

I am the wild earth, beautiful, created, loving and inspired.

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