Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Twilight Lovers

Dear Twilight Lovers

O.o I'm already twitching

Now you hear rants about how bad of a writer Stephanie Meyer is and I know that the Twilight series has influence a whole new generation that goes to extreme at times. Now I am not saying that the Twilight series is a bad influence on the young generation…sort of. I am addressing what is good writing and what is not good writing. Now I am a reader of the Harry Potter series. Not including Ronald Weasley’s whining in the series, yes people the kid whined a lot through out the series and the 5th book is where Harry became an angst bitch. The series have more characters that have more personality than any characters in the Twilight series. I like the series even if it was geered to younger people because it’s a work of fiction that you can see your self in. It seems that Stephanie Meyer, no relation to my boyfriend, tried to write a book that is meant to be burned resurrected, and then drowned in the better fiction out there in fiction land. Oh and by the way the main “heroine” seems to have dependency issues I know because I read the first 100 pages and could not read anymore. Now I know that 12 year olds read this and think that this is the best ever, and I understand that they haven’t read a lot of fiction in their 12 years of existence. They also are just learning who to write well, read older fiction and determine what is good writing and what isn’t other than us older people who know what GOOD fiction is. Good fiction writers such as George Orwell and T S Elliot who’s books have been around for years and have been noted to be one of the best writers. They also have been on high school reading lists since they have been published. Twilight isn’t one of these books.

The naive mentality of a 12 year old is predictable because they dream of that man who would fall in love with them, probably a vampire who have a fetish with you, but what about those Twilight moms. Oh dear Brigit help you all. These moms who have been around before their children was born. Those moms who have read better works of fiction still think that this is awesome and sometimes want to be a sparkly vampire. Now understand that some of you moms are single and still dream about that someone and read romance novels. (I am so not a fan of such.) All I have to say is please put down the book step away and get to you’re local library. They have better fiction. Try reading the Myth series or real C S Lewis, better yet read HP Lovecraft. (My favorite author along with EA Poe.) You will, I hope, to have a better experience what actual good fiction is.

Please throw your Twilight series away it’s bad for your health.


The concerned lover of books

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Jarred said...

I love this!

J.K. Rowling's books have their issues, but she put a great deal of thought into her characters and the world she was trying to create. It shows.