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Hospitality in the craft and in general

This weeks post is a bit different there is no rant. Why? Well because I had to put this out not many people did this kind of subject before, Hospitality. I see subjects like Community, or how to cast a spell correctly. I have also seen blog posts in the seasons of the year. I could do a late post on Beltane, but I’m not going to, sorry guys! Hospitality and respect has been in an iffy side in the general public. Even in the craft I’ve seen people who don’t give respect where respect is due. So first off lets define what is hospitality.

According to Wikipedia

Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. that is, the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.

"Hospitality" can also mean generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need.”

Okay so we have established the Wikipedia version of it lets see what says

noun, plural -ties.

1. the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.

2. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.”

Okay so Wikipedia is right on the money about today’s establish hospitality in the career path. Back when we didn’t have much in the way of transportation, the most people had was a horse and buggy. Guess what time period I’m referring to. Hospitality was prevalent. People in the days where there was no cars it was hard to get around, those who traveled to towns hand to either take their horse, a cart or walked, and it took a day or two to get to the next town. Especially in the colder climates, people would take in travelers. They would feed them, maybe give them a bath and a fresh spot on the floor with blankets and let them sleep. Inns and taverns would have places for people to hunker down for the night and start fresh in the morning.

This is true in today’s society when places like hotels and restaurants rely on e best care and services as part of that hospitality for the exchange of money and the hopes that the person would come back and enjoy their stay in the future. Restaurants also have that that hospitality of the server serving the drinks, food and checking on and refilling, for the exchange of tips for a job well done. As a waitress this was always the setting

What about hospitality within your home? Let me tell you a small story and get right in to why. Just about 3 months ago I had the privilege to help out a girl who was mentally abused by her boyfriend. Now at the time I felt good helping her, now I wish I didn’t, I’ll explain later in the post why. Now her ex mentally abused her and she finally came to her senses and asks the head instructor of the Order of the Roc, a sword-fighting group I belong to, to help her in her crisis. So the first night we set her up with our good friend for the first 24 hours until we can come up with places for her to hunker down until she has her own place. We took her in for the first week. Now at first she ask if she can help with dinner, Which I explained I don’t need much help so she can go and watch TV or read a book, because she just got out of an abusive relationship she needs a bit of a break. Now as the week goes on she didn’t even want to lift a finger. All she did was watch reruns of Xena. It got her out of our hair when we where doing work. Now when I asked for help when I was washing the dishes or help in cooking she would just sit there and ignore what I asked her to do.

Now what is the problem in this situation? Okay I’ll tell you, even when you are a guest in someone’s house there is always something to do. Hospitality doesn’t always just include the host/hostess to provide everything that the guests needs, but the guests could help make the hospitality of the host/hostess less stressful like help in serving food or drink. Even things like help preparing food that needs to be prepared right away. Even washing the dishes afterwards so that the host/hostess doesn’t have a mountain of dishes that she has to wash until the wee hours of the next morning. Little things like picking up cups that have been laying around could help relieve the stress of the host/hostess hospitality when inviting people over for a get together or even a party.

Remember in the movies where a teen throws a HUGE party when the parents aren’t home and people get wild and start to break things and spill things. They even go towards them having sex in the parents bedroom. Helping out in the realm of hospitality by not doing these things. Please don’t use the thousand-dollar vase for recreation and please leave the sex at home or you can do that in private behind bushes where no one can see especially when it comes to bonfires and festivals. I have heard stories about a few couples that have gotten all wild and started to go at it right there. Now I’m not against people all hot and horny than they need to jump on each other, that’s fine just please I do not need so see that right next to me. Unless I’m part of it I don’t need to see it. That is why porn doesn’t do much for me. This happens even when there might be CHILDREN present. Seriously people a five year old doesn’t need to see an orgy they are too young for that.

Now this goes even for the order, we have to recently kick some one out because of her risky behavior with UNDERAGE boys. We had to keep telling her to not sit on their laps and jump all over them, especially when she had a boyfriend at the time. He was smart and told her goodbye. (We also knew that she cheated on him and tried to warn him as a good friend). In the group we have the “sweet and innocent rule” which states: “You are sweet and innocent until you reach the age of 18, until you do reach this age, do not disprove us of this.” It goes for those who are 18 talking to a 15 or 16 year old where swearing should not happen…much and sexual innuendos should not take place. This also goes for LAP DANCES. We have rule 1a “No horseplay” and rule 1b “Do no piss the Director of the Order of the Roc off”. If rule 1a is broken 1b normally takes effect. I know but if you’re in this group you should see why. In all respect to the order this rule should not be broken, it would result in 1:me yelling or someone else yelling at the person 2: the Director throwing the person out for their behavior 3: them getting hurt. In all hospitality if anyone respects rules, respects the order and helps us out when we need it so that we won’t be so damn stressed.

By doing the most simplest things like helping out with the groceries or help someone pain their garage will not only show hospitality but a respect for the person who has helped you out. Lance and I know if a kid who would mow and paint for the exchange of food because in the past we have tried to help him out. He is also a bored kid. Even though he would do things out of bordom, like give me a metal stick that looks like a dildo, the kid is awesome anyways.

I hope this would enlighten you about hospitality and the respect someone deserves for their job.


Today we look into a great podcast put on by a wonderful, intelligent women, Velma Nightshade. Yes Witchesbrewhaha has been chosen for podcast of the month. Velma is one of the most intelligent podcasters I have ever heard. Her inspiring version of practical pagan segments makes you not want to use your cauldron, anthame, or the many candles that I have in my drawer right now. She gives you the “in your face, this is who I am.” attitude that I mostly love. She is funny, informative and all around witch who isn’t afraid to “think outside the cauldron”.

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