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Elements in daily life.

Greetings. Now I haven't seen many posts about the elements and what they mean to a certain individual. This post is to help and inspire what it means to have the elements in you daily life and daily magical experience.

For most pagans who know about the five elements that represent the pentacle Earth Fire Air Water and Either or spirit. But what do they mean in every day life. According to me, because this is my blog and my views on every day life, the 5 elements can make up a person. Earth being the center of balance between reality and conscious. Air being the communication between family friends or other people you met. Water is the emotion that one has either it's calm or it's intense or it's natural. Fire is the passion and desire one has for certain objects or people. and spirit is the being of the person with theother four elements in place. So to break down this.


You heard the term earthly child, or one who is down on this earth right? Well people who are in the earth element, such as their astrological signs, normally are very well balanced in their daily lives. They can multi task, know what is reality and what is fantasy and they can be very cautious and they want a real result in the way people think. Earth is also associated with common sense which some people don't are do have. I know someone who is defiantly not an Earth person, because common sense is not his forte. Earth people are premeditative dependable and have the concerned with the physical well-being rather that a spiritual.

Astrological signs associated with Earth are Capricorn Taurus and Virgo.

Certain stones such as jet, green calcite, coal has healing or protection qualities.

Questions for the person who want have a earthly balance in their life.

Do you feel that you are mentally in another world?

Do you feel you need to connect yourself with the physical aspect of the self?

Is there more common sense and actual intelligence looming in the future.?

More so do you feel like you need to be cautious in you life.?

Do you want to be more predictable as a person?

Do you depend on others?

If you feel like you need the balance that the element earth provides ask you self are you spiritually balanced.


Air is the communication that a person engages with another. The same communication that we all establish with the universe, the self and your communication with spirit. Plus communication within friends family and others to create a sense of community and honesty is with you. People who are mostly air elements, to me, Love to talk they can talk for hours

Signs associated with air include Libra Aquarius and Gemini

Stones associated with Air include but not limited to, Pumice, Aventurine and Jasper. Stones that are associated with the planet mercury. Every hear when mercury goes into retrograde communication gets all garbled and computers don't work pro pertly. Some people are mostly immune and take mercury retrograde for great communication. I for some odd reason happen to be one ofthose people. These stones happen to be mostly receptive due to its association with communication. Stones associated with air, their energies either can banish, project or heal.

Questions you should be asking yourself to keep the communication of air going

Do I have a lack of communication with friends, family co-workers.

Do i talk little or too much

Do I gossip way to much

Do I lie to myself and to others way to much

Am I establishing a healthy communication with my god(s)

Do I put myself down.

How much air is too much air.
Air is the master of communication. It's like the wind it's either calm and gentile and helpful like a small breeze or it's damaging like hurricane force winds. It can be still and there is nothing left in the wind. Remember watch your worlds because that hurricane will come out.


Water is normally associated with emotions. If you nerve observed water in a lake, stream/river or the ocean you notice the different ways of the flow of water in that area. Emotions are just like that. When you see a lake it's normally calm and neutral. When you see a river that flows down and it's calm or rapids that associates with the anger or if you do your homework you know that water can destroy the earth and form new hills an valleys. Your emotions form your self your physical and mental self. Like the river that forms hills and valleys or the rain that helps the earth, your emotions do the same with your conscious. Water is also part of your mental state. Either your completely insane like the large rapids that go really fast or you are calm and not stress like the slow moving water. When you sleep your mind which still goes or otherwise you are a vegetable, Is active as well. People who have water as a main element in their life are very sensitive in relationships that can show a great warmth but also can hold back. They are healers but can show great manipulation. I have water element as my main self. If you love the flow of stream or a river and can sense the great energies, you have a great association with the water element

Astrological signs associated with water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Stones associated with water include but not limited to are Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst and Moonstone. These are stones that are used for purification peace, healing and friendship

Things you want to ask yourself to better that Water Element within your self

Do I get mad easily

I am I indecisive in my actions

Do I feel like i need to heal others

Do I get stressed easily

Do I cry easily

Do I feel what others feel

Water is the master of your emotions and mental self. Be self aware of that and you can better that element in yourself.


My favorite element fire is associated with people desires and passions for the things in life. Fire is also the desire for new and the desire to burn. When we look at fire we see a few things. 1. It helps with cooking food. 2. It's hot as hell and can burn you 3. Can burn down a forest or your home or a set of homes. 4. Helps you become warm during the winter and early and late spring/fall 5. Can be a source of light. Fire has it's pros and cons. Pros being a source of light warmth and contort. The cons being it can be very destructive just like the rest of the four elements. Passions are tempered and you temper towards a goal or many goals is fueled by your fire in your soul. People who are mostly made up of fire tend to be very temperamental, but always have a desire for something either if its running or doing some kind of activity. Their desires fuels their actions and things do get done. The down side is sometimes their actions have negative consequences. I know Part me be is made up of desire for something but rush head first into things. They are like a bull in a china store. people with fire in their hearts tend to be stubborn when it comes to an issue that they feel is right to them and they keep pushing and pushing until they run out of steam

Astrological signs of fire is Aries Leo and Sagittarius.

Stones associated with fire include but limited to are Red Agate, Red Jasper or Sunstone. Most of them are ruled by the sun the masculine aspects in life.

Questions to ask yourself to better your fire element.

What things am I passionate about?

How can I over come too much desire?

Do I get to over involved in things and need to be snapped out of reality?

Am I the "Bull in the China Store"

Should I make things complex.

Fire can burn but can help too. Light that fire but temper it to see how much desire you can handle and passion. What are you passionate about and how can you balance that with your emotions.

I am not going to do Spirit because The four elements that I talk about make up the self spirit is the self. The other word for spirit is Akasha.

I am not going into much detail but the stones that include sprit but not limited to amber petrified wood and mother-of-pearl

I hope this is a help in those who are not so familiar of what the aspects of the elements in daily life make you up in who you are.


The late Isaac Bonewitz just pass this morning around 8 with his family around him giving him much confort. So please give much support for his family in the time of mourning.

Bright Blessings


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