Monday, August 23, 2010

There Was a Intelligent Blog Post

Greetings Readers

Well I was going to do an informational blog post with research and tags and no using wikipedia...much. Well that went down the toilet! I was going to compete the blog yesterday when I though I wasn't feeling like utter crap. Well the stomach bug hit and dropped me like a sack of potatoes. When I got home from doggy-sitting for four days and having to yell at the oldest brother for having someone sleep over for two out of the three nights. He didn't get back until three in the morning the last night because I yelled at him. It so happens that yesterday I came down with the stomach bug and I felt like utter crap. So the reason for this post is to update you on why the so called blog isn't out.

Back to doggy sitting! The first night around four thirty in the morning I woken up to a cold we nose on my arm so I figured that she had to go out and go to the bathroom. No she wanted to just go out sit on the lawn for ten minutes staring at me. We went inside and I fell asleep...almost. Shirlock decided he wanted to go out at five in the morning, and trying to let himself in the bedroom. So i squirted the crap put of the poor cat, but yet I was pissed...not even 3 minutes past and he comes trying to open the door. I took the squirt bottle and did it again. for about a half and hour of this I decided to let the cat out. I really wanted sleep. For the next 3 early mornings he did this. No wonder why I was tired. So the last day I was tired, angry and sick because of that cat, oh he was bad! It was funny the day before last I chansed him with the squirt bottle for and hour.

Well this isn't the blog that you people probably didn't expected because you wanted and informational blog but this is just a meer update on the situation at hand.

I am feeling much better

Bright Blessings


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