Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Moral of this Story is..

Greetings readers.

I am back with a story about my last 24 hours. It was an A V E N T U R E. For those who don't follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook will have a update. Last night around 5:30 Lance and I are eating dinner for a minute until Lance decided to not chew is food and got it stuck in his throat. The messed up part is that he was breathing but could not drink or eat at the moment. We both were scared at the situation. So I go online to find out how to push the piece of pork down his esophagus. I tried water, soda (for the pressure of the carbon to push it down), we tried a raw egg. He tried to jump up and down, causing the dogs to panic. I finally asked him, an hour later, If he wanted to try milk to throw it up. We tried that before, it didn't help. So I went to the corner store to get him milk and soda. He tried the soda but I waisted money on milk for NOTHING...well chocolate milk for me. So Lance decided to wait it out and see if it is down in the morning . Lance woke me up around 8 so that we can leave to be at the doctors by 9. We arrived and they open at 10 so we waited until 10. The doctor said we needed to go to the emergency room for that kind of thing, so back to Kingston to Kingston Hospital we go. Me driving of course or otherwise Lance would not survive the trip. On the way on route 28 I stopped so that he can throw up. We get there around 10:30 I drop him off at the doors and he goes in as I try to find parking, which was easy to my surprise. As I walk in he is already being entered into the computer which was a big surprise cause it's a hospital and they make you wait for HOURS. After he was enter into the computers, he was put into a room. Of course we waited for 30 minutes for a nurse, then ten minutes later another nurse comes in then 20 minutes later the doctor. He tells him what happened last night and they contemplate what he wants to do, either it was high doses of drugs or shove a big tube down his throat. They decided drugs so the second nurse tries to put an IV into him. At that moment when the nurse put he IV in to his arm he felt something move into his stomach, which was the pork. Which by now the piece of meat was rotten and chewed on by stomach acid that he threw up last night. I know this is a bad image but bare with me please. He then wanted to try drinking a cup of water, which to my surprise went down and he didn't throw up. We call the second nurse into the room and told her that he can drink. She got the doctor and the doctor, who was skeptical and wanted him to drink in front of him. He did and they drew up discharge papers for Lance. So the whole entire day as he is recovering from the lack of food and water I had to drive him around getting groceries and everything. Remind you people that from 5:30pm to 12:00pm he was going with a piece of meat down his esophagus near his stomach not wanting to go anywhere and his body was rejecting food or water. He was weak and could not drive or both of us was screwed. Now he is resting in his bed listening to the many mosquitos driving him crazy.

So the moral of this story is don't be in a rush when you are eating dinner. Meat doesn't digest in the esophagus.

I hope you learn something.

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