Monday, August 9, 2010



Wait I haven't been blogging since MAY? Well don't I feel sill for not putting one up. I do have an excuse (Somewhat). My computer, the one that I had for six months decided not to work. Well today I got the call from ACER saying there was...water damage? Okay first of all I did not spill nothing on that computer and if I did I wouldn't send the thing in first place. I know that there is a policy against water damage with all computers. With that I attempted to call my mother only to get a call from her anyway. I told her what the woman on the phone said. She concluded that ACER is trying to force money from me by saying that it was water damage. Okay If anyone knows this company is known to have good computers and now i know they have lame service and concludes the stupidest accusations against their buyers. I will never buy a ACER again. Thankfully for my mother she gave me a new MacBook Pro for my birthday that was on the 29th of July and oh dear gods it is so much better than the PC that only ran for 6 months. I don't have a word processor yet but when I go back to my parents I'm grabbing word 03 from my brother. For two months prior to this I had to use my boyfriends old computer that is set up in the living room where I am writing this. I was going to write this in the office but I was evicted by the smell coming from Rainy ass.

Another thing that is going on is I am still in the process in trying to find a job, there is no good news on that front. I am having everyone who I can trust help me in that matter. We are having trust issues with our so called friends. Just last week Lance and I had to dig up the rest of our septic fields after one of our friends not making it one of his priorities. We were paying this kid 8 and hour for a TWO DAY job which should not of been three weeks with little progress. It took us 3 hours to dig up the same feet this kid did in three weeks. We should of done it ourselves in the first place.

I am trying to catch up on my podcasts considering that the computer Lance had for me didn't have a working speaker. I found out later that he had extras. Boy did I feel stupid.

Well that's it my life since May.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm not the best at hot and humid, I HATE IT!

Bright Blessings


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