Friday, June 10, 2011

Candace's Guide for Baby Pagans (newbies)

Candace's Guide for Baby Pagans (newbies)

Here is a list of things that I feel that new people coming into paganism should consider.

1. Don't just read one book. There are other authors out there that give their version on the same subject. I you want your dose of witchcraft, there are various forms of the craft so it's best to research as much as possible.

2. Don't just read 101 books but read other things, like history, philosophy or other things that interest you other than the 101 collection.

3. If you are joining a group/coven/grove/temple do your research. Ask to meet the leader in a public place and try to get to know him or her first before you make your decision. You will find that a lot of those groups might not seem right for you.

4. Try to avoid the very complicated spells, rituals and other forms of various magic. As a baby pagan you are just learning and growing. Try not to summon Cthulhu just yet!

5. Try to go to your local pagan pride day. I know it may be scary at first but you will realize that there are pagans that won't judge you on the lack of knowledge. You will find that they may teach you a few new things that aren't in your 101 books. Plus you might find the workshops fun and educational.

6. Don't be surprised that in books they want you to choose your “magical name”. Don't worry about this because you really don't need one just yet. Eventually it will come but not right now. I have been pagan for almost 8 years and I haven't had a magical name. This also goes for the gods you choose. If you do choose a name try not to go all out, I think that Lady Raven Unicornfairybuttdust will make the gods laugh. Just saying, just saying!

7. Don't worry about trying to do ritual on every sabbat, esbat, every new moon or every occasion you get because sometimes you need to skip Yule or Mabon probably because you are working or maybe other things come up. The gods aren't going to punish you because you missed a sabbat and knowing that it's Yule says that you acknowledge it's that time of year. This goes for non-newbies too.

8. You don't need to buy every tool that is mentioned in a book to put on your alter. Sometimes the best items are the ones that work for you and sometimes the best tools are the ones you make yourself. I have had almost every tool on my alter given to me or made by myself. It's cheaper and It has my energy put in and as you can tell I encourage crafting.

9.. Try to make your own spells. Sometimes the best spells is made up by the individual and not from another source.

10. Sometimes in the craft you might have to get dirty. Any path isn't all about love and light and sometimes you might have to turn to other means. Just reminder that if you do there might be consequences!

11. Remember the best tool for every thing happens to be the mind.

I hope this helps for new people. Remember paganism isn't for everyone so if you feel like you want to take up another religion it's completely fine as long as you are on a path worth choosing for the individual and not what others want.

(If anyone wants to add anything on please feel free to put it in the comments, thanks)

Bright Blessings.


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