Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreaming of Anubis

I found myself laying on some soft bedding facing a wall. I wonder where I am, I try to move and my body is immobile. I can't speak, all I know is this room and with only one eye open. I try to twist and turn and open my second eye, not noticing a presence in the room my focus is on why my body isn't moving. A man comes in he is of average height, gray and with small beard. He tells the presence that they are ready. He then addresses the presence as Anubis. I look at the wall where the shadows are trying to get a good look at who he was. And his shadow emerges like the jackal headed shape and a man's body I know from myths I read. I wonder why he is here and what is going on, trying to make sense of it all, but can't because all I am is confused at that moment of what they are going to do. After a couple of minutes of him giving over me and doing something my dream shifted to another and I don't remember anymore.

Anubis in Egyptian mythology is the jackal headed god that judges souls in the underworld by using a scale and a feather of Ma at. A feather that is light enough to determine who goes on to a peaceful rest and who's heart gets devoured by a beast of the underworld. He resides over burials and mummification's guiding souls to the afterlife. In other ways people also find him the gatekeeper of the spirit world. Why he was in my dream seems to be not much a mystery but a experience.

I have heard that when Anubis enters your dreams one of many things may have taken place. One of course is judgement. When Anubis confronts someone in a trial like setting it means that the person who committed an act is judged according to what they did and why they did it. This also goes for self judgement. Sometimes when Anubis is in your dreams for the face of you wrongly accusing you self of other's misdeeds and if the out come resides on him telling that you are innocent it' shows you to not be so judgemental on yourself. Sometimes Anubis also can give harsh critism in dreams to where he judges you to harshly. This is a step back to where you may be too judgemental on others or too judgemental on your self.

Anubis is can also be a gatekeeper of the spirit world. As some people may have suggested that when people work with spirits and the spirit world some may run into Anubis along their path. You may be surprised that he may be willing to help you with certain problems. Anubis seems to be the middle god, meaning that he is neither good or bad, he helps those who are he sees fit to be helped.

He is also god of funerals and burials so in a sense if you are expecting someone to die he will visit you to give you a message of death. People who are near close to dying may see a deathly like figure in their own belief system and sometime some may see a jackal like figure in which case an be a sign of passing on. Not many experience this though, and those who do know it is time.

There are many interpretations of what Anubis means. These are a few if what I consider my interpretations of why some people may experience Anubis manifest in their dreams. Don't take this harshly these are my own thoughts.

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