Monday, June 6, 2011

I have not died


People probably have wonder where the hell I have been for months. I know I didn't have much in the way of blogging but life kind of took me for a ride.

I broke up with my boyfriend which made me all sorts of down. I don't like down but sometimes when you know someone and they do the unexpected it kind of hurts. Him and I are still on a speaking level.

I spent most of my time for a while finding a job. I did find one for about two months until the company that I worked for had a policy that I broke. It was a stupid one too. There policy states that If I am over two dollars that I automatically get penalized. If I do this more two times that I get terminated, which I did. I got terminated over something stupid and it wasn't like I got into a fight with the manager either, it was Candace had a bad day and Candace made a mistake. Now you're wondering why couldn't they just take the amount out of my paycheck and I have wondered that myself. I was a great worker and yet this had to happen. I enjoyed myself there too. I worked for a widely known dollar store and some of the policies these people have are the dumbest I have ever heard. So now I am at square one trying to find a job once again.

I am wondering if the universe is laughing at me and the gods are giving me a hard time. It's a mystery that I can't answer and I like a good mystery once and a while.

I have been reading quite a bit lately. I just got done with American Gods by Neil Gaiman and I am now on the last set of Mary Stewart's Arthurian series Wicked Day. I have been also reading a bunch of pagan blogs and I have now have new pagan podcasts on my iTunes podcast feed. So I am always looking to listen to new podcasts so If you have any suggestions that you think I haven't heard yet please feel free to post it.

Thanks for reading
Bright Blessings

This was written while listening to iPod Witch: Episode 58.

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