Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here You Can Have My TV!

As I was flipping through my TV today and there seems to be nothing on I was thinking that I might as well give away my TV. Why do I say that well because all we have is reality TV and not enough good programing these days. Yes there are still good shows out there, such as Sanctuary, Merlin, and The Walking Dead and yes these are some of my favorite shows out there. On the other side there are horrible shows such as Jersey Shore, Dancing With the Stars, and other shows that display much drama that makes me want to just shut down the cable and watch my favorite shows off of Netflix or buy the boxed sets for cheap off of Amazon. Might as well most of the time I don't even turn on the TV anymore and a low monthly fee seems reasonable. Even the news seems to be about who is doing what, and what is the latest scandal. Yes I am talking about the recent “Weinergate” scandal which I don't care about it done lets all get on with the real news. By the way I really don't care about who is pregnant. I would hate to be famous and have to deal with all of this crap from the media. Most of this country has very voyeuristic tendencies, it really makes me sick because there is a camera in people's houses filming their "interesting" lives. Me personally I really don't want a camera in my house filming me eating a sandwich and filming me doing a private circle for a sabbat. It would really feel awkward to have a camera in my face when all the time.

Now I know that other people have this as a gateway out of everything that is going on in their life and I get that's why a lot of people watch it and that's alright but I really don't need to see it so that is why I don't watch most of the crap that is out there. Drama free life please!

Bright Blessings


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