Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Would I help Him?

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.-
Dalai Lama

The other night after working on packing 34,000 books and putting them in three different locations at my ex's house. I got home and mother asked why would I help him. I told her that he helps others and does a lot in the Order of the Roc a lot. She then tells me that he took my washer and dryer. I am thinking why is she getting snotty over something that I wanted put to rest when I made the claim to my ex himself. She makes the ridiculous claims of the other side that makes me just wonder about her sanity. Besides her yelling through the phone for me to pick up when I am trying to find the phone. I tell her this because we have three working phones in my house and I can only find one. Where we put them I don't know. Getting back on topic, I was confronted this by my mother and I could not tell her this reasoning for what I do for my ex because I was tired and was suffering from a lack of sleep and lifting so many boxes that I just shrugged it off and went to bed. The next morning the topic was fresh in my mind and I was able to think about it. The reasoning behind my actions with my ex is this, He has helped people a lot in the past he helped me out when I needed it the most even when we were dating. Whenever my back was messed up, even after we broke up, he would fix it and still would. Despite him kicking me out and to tell you the truth I really did deserve it. I did lie about getting a job to him and I am working on trying no to lie like that anymore. He really doesn't deserve to be kicked out of my life because me and him have the same friends. I belong to a martial arts group that deals with medieval and a modern style of chivalry and we are some what friends there so in realization we can still have a civil discussion while beating each other. He is not a bad guy, even though my mother says that he is the devil, if there was a devil. I don't see it, and I try to forgive others for what they did, doesn't mean you can't forget what they did to you. I am still a little mad but as someone who sees things in different perspectives I know what I did was wrong. So it's a win win situation, and I am now passed that. My mother on the other hand, doesn't see it, so I am not going to beat it in to her if she is that thick. I am not going to kill myself in trying!

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kerfuffle said...

Sounds like Mom is trying to protect your feelings the best she knows how, which is part of her role in life. Reading your posts shows no mention of Dad. Sometimes communication is very difficult between generations. Please be thankful for Mom's love, regardless of the static between you both -- and try to return it with utmost purity. Each of you are precious to each other.